I was really excited when I figured out I could make walnut butter using my favorite kitchen appliance, my over-sized granite mortar & pestle from Thailand. The coolest part though was when I finally figured out a simple trick to get the smooth, spreadable, peanut-butter-like consistency that I desired.  After pounding/smashing the nuts, I just add a little honey and a tiny amount of water, blend it together in the mortar, and voila! It’s pretty tasty, nutritious, and is a nice alternative to peanut-butter. Here is a video tutorial I just put up:


If you’re interested in giving this a try but don’t have a large mortar & pestle, make sure to check out my other post and video tutorial on Using a Large Mortar & Pestle in the Kitchen.

Also, I did a brief commentary on the primary health benefits of walnuts here:




5 Minute Walnut Butter Using Ancient Technology
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